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More paintings, new and old-ish

I thought I'd just add a few paintings that I've worked on recently plus some that I hadn't originally put up.

First up is a portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch, arguably most famous for 'Sherlock' although he has many more roles to his name including Atonement and War Horse. He has also played Vincent Van Gogh. The actor has a great face for painting although I initially got the proportions wrong and had to narrow his features drastically!

The next one is a painting of a Chinese Jade lion statue I have on my mantlepiece. It was quite difficult to mix the correct shades of green for this as it ranged from pale milky-white to darker green depending on the light. It was placed against a red sweatshirt for a background- red is the complement of green and sets it off well. 

This is a still life of an apple from my fruit bowl. I was watching a Youtube video of Scott Naismith which inspired me to do this, as I couldn't think of anything to paint that day.

And lastly, this painting from a photo of beautiful translucent blue icebergs. The effect was very hard to reproduce and I may go back to this one for more work as I'm not sure I'm happy with it - what do you think?

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I like the painting of blue ice bergs. It has a great effect and really a hard work to reproduced it.

June 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames Anderson

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