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At a crossroads

May already, and again I haven't updated the blog much. Work has been very demanding recently as we have lost three of the team and the workload has also increased.

Personally, I have hardly picked up my camera for a while and instead have been painting. The problem is I keep starting new paintings but frequently get bored or frustrated with old ones, and never return to finish them! I've therefore been eager to show new work on here and my Facebook page but it's often 'in progress'. A couple of examples are below, the Lady in Green Sari is from my Saturday painting class at The Nag's Head pub in Walthamstow, and the still life is from my first private lesson with Lee Campbell. The second is from an evening at home last week.

So my question is.. how do I progress? Time for painting is snatched when i can, but often isn't consistent. Maybe I do need to set aside a regular slot for it.. but I'm also trying to study professional exams as well. Hmm time management can be difficult!

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You should do time management. Put keen interest on studies and during this time to make your mood fresh and take some rest of mind you can concentrate on your paintings.

June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames Anderson

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